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Sunday, January 11, 2009

KFC - Trip To Rakit Atan (previously Known As Rakit Reiza)

This trip was completely not planned. ZW called out of the blue the friday before and said that his project was extended and had time to go fishing. So I decided to push forward the layang trip. As usual, we set off at the early hour of 5.30am. This time round, his other daughter Amanda came with us. (to be fair mah)

Plenty of cats here

View of the Rakit. Used to be Red roof, but now became multi colored

Checking the tide table, high tide would come early. So we spared the leisurely breakfast and grabbed some fast food from a drive through Mac. We arrived at the Rakit around 7.30am. From there, I found that the Rakit was no longer known as Reiza. It has probably changed hands, and now would be called Rakit Atan. It is still known by the other name of Tiram Fishing Resort.

Manageress of the resort

This chap was using sarong worms. Got a decent Sickle fish. (Chow Xi)

We touched down, and ZW was impressed with the comfortable and spacious Rakit. The facilities here were indeed not bad, as well as the going rate. It was only RM20 per adult, and they charge a RM5 for children. So, it was quite cheap fishing. However there were quite a lot of people this time round, as compared to the previous time. Still it wasn't too much of a problem as there were lots of fishing space.

Another good thing here was that it provide live prawns (RM0.50 each). We tossed out some lines for bottom after setting up. My first attempt at bait fish jigging didn't work. Water wasn't teeming with Tambans. But further tries yielded me a small tiny queenie. ZW also attempted a float rig at my bidding.

Finally something from the bottom. Sea dragon king heard our prayers

First decent fish for the year. Looks ugly but is fast to cook, good to eat

This trip, I was hoping to break the egg for this year's fishing. We were teasing Amanda that we needed her power to help with that. She gamely agreed to impart "power" to us. And it worked and my bottom line went twitching and I hauled up a good flat head. With that I considered myself to have at least kicked off the fishing for the year. ZW did well too, and soon he got a small Todak to his count.

The malay group catches

Todaks were fairly plentiful here, and ZW got numerous strikes. Very soon, he was adding a couple of todaks to his catch for this year.

Come to daddy!

Alamak, fish is fake one~haz


I went to try out luring and was pleased to finally successfully get a good sized Todak on my X-Rap lure. Wahoo! That added a first to my luring history. What a good way to start off my year of luring.

From my last trip, I noted that Gelamas were also plenty here. One got sit under the shade and do Gelama fishing for the whole day. We tried, and indeed managed to get some Gelamas.

Lunch time. The children befriended a Malay speaking boy who yak and yak despite the children not understanding what he is saying

ZW first Pasir Pasir (Swa chiam)

But soon, the tide went down and the current flow became very strong. High tide was at 9.30am and I was thinking that the fishing would be a goner by 12pm. However, we found that the todaks were still around behind the Rakit where the current was blocked and the water was still fishable. I had thought that we would leave this place by noon, but instead we stayed through lunch and until about 4+pm. Everytime I said to go in half hour, some fish activity became evident and we continued to extend the time. :). ZW caught a grunter but lose it due to the line being only 4lbs. Line broke and the Grunter fell back into the water. Quite a waste.

I lured until the lure "mouth" dropped out. (actually I hit it against the chair and it broke...keke)

We did more luring when bottom fishing slowed. I managed to hit a small Tengirri on lure! Although just a small one, it was a good catch. Another notch for my this year's lure history. Perfect for a personal Saba dish.

Changed lure, and hit a Tengirri (small one)

The children were given a starfish by a friendly uncle

Use net to catch arh? (half beaks)

Going back from successful fishing trip

We left the place and headed to Permas Jaya to visit a tackle shop. From there, it was dinner at that place and then back to Singapore. The Jam at first was ok, until we hit the Singapore side where it was maddening that the lanes all merged into two and then one. We spent about an hour in the Jam and then hit home at around 9.30pm. Not a bad trip today and we were considering an overniter in the near future.

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