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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tilapia Secret Spot secret actually. Everywhere is also tilapia spot. Got long kang, got Tilapias. This afternoon, we almost didn't make it to fish there as the sky was having a mind of its own. Rain a bit, stop a bit, rain a bit..Anyway, CK met me at SLS and despite that it was drizzling slightly, we made our way to leisure mall. This time, a special guest came to join. A white wooly thing that goes "bark bark". I told D to bring Chelsea along for the gathering and maybe she might have fun taking a stroll along the jogging path. She seldom go out and it will be a change for us. She was pretty apprehensive in the car, and cried a little thinking that we are going to bring her to see the "bad" doctor.

Reaching there, the rain came upon us fairly heavily. We waited under the shelter walkway in front of the escalator leading to indoor stadium. I was thinking that Andrew might not come, and waited for ZW to turn up. To my surprise, Andrew and the durian head boy, P2 turned up. ZW got lost but finally made his way to leisure mall. From there, it was another 3 mintues to the spot where I first saw the man fishing at Tg Rhu.

Reaching there, we were half expecting Rangers to come knocking on us and telling us to go away. But to our surprise, no one did come to bother us. In fact the man that I saw on that Thursday night was there again.

Tilapias there were plenty, if the setup is right. Initially we were not getting fishes, until Andrew started fishing. He really is our champion at small fishes. We catch 1, he catches 10. He has this special beady rig with his tiny small hooks that was super effective. All in all, I think we could easily have caught more than 30 Tilapias.

While we were fishing, the children had fun cycling and playing with Chelsea. Quite a fun outing I must say for us and the children. No big fish, little Tilapias also can cure the itch for awhile. haha. When we were leaving, ZW took some small specimens, and we released all of the others back to their brackish homes.

After that was good food at Old Airport Road hawker. Maybe we should have brought the Tilapias and ask the zi char stall to cook for us to see how it taste :)

World's shortest double yellow line

Taking the dog for a walk

Man I met on Thursday evening is back

First catch goes to Andrew

Hmmm...this is a fish?

The children had fun playing fetch

Chelsea, catch the ball!

A different fish, a Goby

Dad, I got a Fish!

Arh, ZW broke his egg and got his first fish, with the approval of Home Minister

A nice Rabbit Fish like specimen, in our "tank" of distilled water!

Andrew's unusual catch of a Goby (Larger than my earlier one)

Ooh, this Eagle swooped down and caught a fish too in it's claws

Picking those that we want to bring home. The rest can reunite with mama Tilapia

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