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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Birdwatching and Fishing

We met REAL birdwatchers.

Interesting day today on our 2nd recce to this place. We met CK for the first time and he turned out to be able to click well with us. On the way in, we indeed met real birdwatchers. They were all armed with cameras with long zooms and tripod set. As we passed them, we were exposed by CK's rod that he held on his hand. KT said that we should learn some bird watching jargon to make our disguise more fool-proofed. hehe.

We pretended to spew some birdwatching jargon and walked on

Sure have plenty of birds here

But the speedboat coming in here to do wake boarding was damn irritating

When we reached the potential spot at the end with the "house", we saw 2 other persons fishing there with bait. But they were shaking their heads and said no fish because of the speed boat that came around every 3 minutes. Aiyah, with disturbance like this, where got KBL? Anyway, we did some casting and got nothing. But the place was big and we could try casting at various pools of water.

I saw KT struggling with his rod and thought he got snagged. But he surprised me with a catch of a kitty!

His Abu spinner worked wonders here

As we were fishing at the inner pool, I saw KT fumbling with his rod. I was thinking sangkot again. But then again, he seem to be fighting a fish. And indeed he eventually pulled up something wriggling from the water. Woah! I immediately ran to his side and start snapping pictures. It was a cat fish. But cat fish or not, any fish is pretty good sign.

Wah..another one! This time a Goby

We moved around and at another spot, KT hit on a zone where he started pulling up gobies. All in all, he had 2. I took his rod with his amazing spinner and hit one myself. Actually I saw something coming for the spinner as I was nearing the bank. I put back the spinner and gave it a few jigs...and wham, a feisty little critter took it. Wow. I didn't know that gobies are that fierce.

We went to this nook to recce and had to cross a flimsy bridge

The sun was coming up and we decided to head back. But along the way, we saw this fishy nook and decided to check it out. But we had to do some balancing on a rickety branch to get to the other side. On the first pass, everyone did ok. On the return pass, CK was the last to go and he lost his balance and tipped backwards and was hanging on to dear life on the rope. But the leaning 70 kg weight on the rope was too much for the supporting branch to bear, and it gave a "crrraccckkk"...and we all did an "uh-oh.."...and CK went crashing into the water.

On the way back to the main road, CK lost his balance and FELL into the water! We could only watch as his weight snapped the branch tied to the end of rope.

We immediately sprang to his rescue. Luckily, his phone was still working after KT gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to it.

Everything he had on was wet. And the water was deep too and I could see him trying to thread water to keep his head up. He managed to somehow get near the branch and hugged it like a baby. We all grabbed him and finally got him to land again. But luckily his bag was a waterproof one and his most important possession was still intact. Phone managed to still work despite getting dunked in water. After this, he sure to remember this day for the rest of his life...haha.

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