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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kranji Reservoir Green Water

Hoping to break my dry spell of a rather long fishless month, I dropped by Kranji for a spot of luring to try my luck. But reaching there, I was totally shocked to see our reservoir water filled with thick ozzy greenish particulates that totally filled the water. It was so thick that it almost felt like green paint.

But strange enough, there were even people luring in such conditions. I observed for a while to see if there were still fishes swimming in such water condition and concluded that if I were a fish, I would stay far away from such a place. Then as I was walking further down, I saw a duo of an old man and a younger man luring. To my utmost surprise, he had 3 catches gotten in a net on the floor. It blew my mind to think that they could even get any fishes here. From what I see, he was doing a mix of luring and baiting. At the end of the lure, he had an extra line linking to a hook with an oyster flesh. So strange. Wouldn't that impede the movement of the lure? But still, his results showed.

I tried to lure for a while after that but got zilch. Well, the spell had to be broken another day then.

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