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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Changi Boardwalk and Senibong

A "Green eye" squid

Peaceful tranquil night

Meow meow

A rare catch of a "bak tao" (cuttlefish)

Another last minute call for a night fishing and the turnout was rather surprising. I couldn't quite think of a good place to fish except to bring the folks to Changi Boardwalk to try their luck. And when we finally reached there, we were welcome by a bunch of people that were dressed from top to toe in fishing branded attire in the midst of gaffing a squid up. Most of us hadn't really seen a live squid closeup, and it was an exciting way to start off a nite of fishing.

After the initial commotion, we setup with some hope of getting something that night. We had gotten some live prawns which I had almost erroneously ordered a batch of 1.5 kg live prawns when I meant 150g. Lucky I realized the mistake before the shop closed, otherwise we would be stuck with $50 worth of prawns. :P

Jean got a cat fish and another small fish that I couldn't ID. Being her first, she was naturally going ga ga over it. That was about our only catches as the rest of us were trying out fishing with live prawns. There were indeed some quick bites that killed our prawns or dragged our lines to the rocks. I was the only one that got lucky and managed to bring up a cuttlefish on live prawns with single hook. I was surprised myself. Looked like this place was quite a good spot for squid fishing.

My green arrow patiently waiting

TC enjoying the fishing

A beautiful Pomfret

My only catch of a "helicopter"

The next day, TC wanted to run into JB for some errands and cheap shopping. I followed along in his car with him braving the woodlands checkpoint jam. But the jam turned out quite ok with us clearing it in an hour or so. After shopping, we decided to kill some time in the afternoon to visit a paypond at Senibong, around the Permas area. After some bargaining, we managed to get a spot for RM22 per pax for 2 hours. Quite cheap as compared to Singapore pond fishing.

The fishing was slow and most people didn't have any catches. But our neighbour got a Pomfret after he arrived shortly. From my observation, he was using apollo with prawn meat. We were doing prawn spinning all the while, hoping to get some biggies. But seems like prawn meat is more effective here. I copied him and only managed to bring up a tripod fish aka "helicopter".

The 2 hours came up very quickly and we left without any catches. Seemed like I didn't have any luck doing pond fishing. This was my third time at a pond and I still hadn't gotten anything yet, despite the fact that the fishes were in the water. Anyway, I am not really a pond person.


Anonymous said...

How much does the SENIBONG PAYPOND usually charge for fishing, or is there flexible rate for fishing just for few hours?

Would like to pay it a visit if I'm in Permas again.


nafishnafish said...

I did take a pic of their charges. Will put it up later.