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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Xiao Guilin

D eagerly ran up the hill, to fetch a pail of water

It wasn't quite sure if it is legal to fish here. But looking around, I didn't see any NF(no fishing) sign. Only a No Swimming sign for obvious reasons. The quarry could be deep in some places, and therefore dangerous.

Sebaraus were here!

Checking out the area, I was right at the bank of a rather crowded place. But to my delight, I saw four 1 feet long Sebaraus swimming rather near the banks. And then a small PB around the area too. Wah, I didn't know that this place was so happening. But with the crowd of picnickers around me, I resisted the urge to draw out my old trusty and start casting.

Nice view, but no action

Circumventing the pond, I found a quieter place where someone else was also fishing, albeit doing baiting. Setting up my weapondry, I started casting with my HKS red head darter. But that did't work well. Next came my Lumi SS Minnow. But the casting distance wasn't too good. I finally settled on my Angel Kiss. That went further due to the heavier weight, but totally no action at all. Seemed like the fishes were not at this side of the quarry.

As usual, I received funny stares from people who was thinking what this crazy guy doing. And the occasional gasp when they saw me pulling up the "fish", which is my lure. Some people, never see a lure before.

My lumi lure taking a rest

Despite the ostrich egg session, it was nevertheless a good attempt at a brand new place. Sebaraus, please wait for me.

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