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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Respite at LSR

I had been quite busy to fish lately and it also has been some time since I have gotten anything. This morning, as the regular ritual, I went over to LSR (Lower Seletar Reservoir) for some practising after sending D to her swimming lessons over at Yishun Swimming Pool.

The weather for the past few days had been rather wet. But this morning, it was surprisingly quite hot and I did work up a perspiration while doing my casting. Water also looked quite the aglae green with lots of cloudy suspension. And as with every sunday, the whole reservoir was invaded by kayakers.

A lady and her daughter were playing ball and it accidentally flew into the water just to my right. They waved over to a nearby kayaker to help to retreive the ball. But after boy kayaker got the ball, he couldn't throw it properly and it landed on the rocks and back on the water again. Boy kayaker lost his balance and capsized over into the water. After that, he had to do some capsizing drill to rid the kayak of water. Lady and girl were very apologetic. I moved over and signaled the boy to push the ball to me with his paddle. Grabbing it, I tossed it back to a thankful lady and girl.

Shortly after, as if heaven was rewarding me for a kind deed, I felt the most familiar tug when my lure was just about 5 ft away from the bank. From the intermitent pull and my rod bending over, I knew then I had a fish on. Grabbing the leader, I lifted it up the rocks and on the grass. It was quite a good size PB, and one of the biggest I ever had.

Not bad for a very short outing. I was there like barely half an hour. I hastily took some pictures and released the fish back into the water to fight another day.

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Anonymous said...

That was a big fish you've caught!!! Impressive!!