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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ponggol Jetty

I had originally wanted to head for Ponggol 17th but the way in was blocked by 2 giant stones. Only a very narrow car or a bike could get in now. Andrew had suggested that the jetty was quite a good place. The jetty was nearby so I made a turn and ended up there instead.

The jetty looked nice having had some upgrading work being done here. I had fished here about a year ago but at that time, I was very inexperienced and only came here for luring. The water looked ok, although quite cloudy as it was near to some shipyard. I setup my long rod and concentrated on targetting for some bigger fishes. But some of the areas were quite snaggy. My guess was corals or rocks in a certain direction. Due to the squeeze with the people fishing at the jetty, I could only cast a certain angle. All I got for the effort was a crab that was stealing my bait. A boat was also coming and going to pick people up for outward bounds school. After losing 3 rigs, I gave up and setup my light tackle for smaller fishes.

There was a father and son team who were doing quite well. Son got a selar as well as a small ACK. I joined in the jigging fishing and did manage to feel quite a lot of bites. Hm, there was a good population of bait fishes down there. However, due to my cluminess, I was losing my bait pretty fast. But after some practise, I got the hang of it and did manage my first fish here, a goby. Then followed by a cardinal (hm, getting alot of this this year). Luck turned better and I pulled up a good size silver biddy (wah bee). After another 5 minutes, another wah bee. This one was quite big that when it took the bait, I almost dropped the rod. Then another stroke of luck and I got a pretty big selar. Imagine getting a selar in Singapore waters. That was my first.

Andrew came over to look see and let him do some fishing with my remaining bait. But my rod was quite hard to tame as it was quite soft, hence setting hooks wasn't easy. The water began subsiding and I called it a day as the plan was to hard for the bottle tree park for a look see. By then, I was already very sun baked and turning a chilli red having been under the sun for about 3 hours. Due to the strong wind, it didn't feel hot but the UV was actually quite intense. Even D and A were turning red under the shade.

Not too bad a catch today. This place was certainly quite fruitful for small fishes.

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