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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Felt a little sick today, and weather wasn't that great. Got flu virus going around, and my body was resisting to fall sick. Bones were aching a little and generally, didn't feel great. It was drizzling in Woodlands, but I packed my stuff just in case. Only thing that I did not bring was the icebox. I half suspected that the weather in the East should be better, if not raining. True enough, by the time I drove to CV, the rain was very slight. I got some prawn meat from Riverland and drove down to Secret place, hoping that the gate would be open.

And indeed, to my pleasant surprise, it was. So happily, I zipped right in and in no time, was at my favourite corner by the canel. However, a lone man was there occupying the corner. While I was setting up, he got something, but I couldn't make it out from my angle.

Since it was still drizzling, I only setup a single rod. The rain was very slight, and from the clouds, I didn't think that it would last very long. This time round, I wanted to experiment a little and didn't want to use small hooks. I would have gotten lots of small fishes with small hooks for sure, but I wanted to target something bigger.

There were lots of bites, but due to my big hooks (size 4), I couldn't get any hookup. I was sure that if I really wanted, it would not be a problem to get at least a dozen or so pasir pasir or emperors. Lots of them here. I was only lucky one time and managed to get something of decent size. (200-300g). It was a bream. Gotten in Kelong before, but first time in Singapore waters. I was already quite satisfied with the catch. Since I didn't have an icebox, I released the fellow. Thereafter, nothing much and I packed around 6pm and moved out of the place. Kind of worried that the gate would be closed. But it was still wide opened and there wasn't any problem getting out.

After coming out, driving down the road, it started to rain. Hm, I had been lucky that the secret place was kind of the only place that wasn't raining. Well, not too bad that I still had the chance to fish a little this weekend.

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