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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carp Fisherman from England

I had an interesting afternoon today. After meeting A at her shop, I decided to take the car to Macritchie for some look see. Since I didn't get any fish this weekend, I was thinking to give it another shot later on at the small space at the legal fishing spot.

Carpark rates

First thing that greeted me when I arrived was that the parking was payable. No more free parking from previously. But ended up when I left, it wasn't too expensive. The first hr was free and staying there for about 2 hours, I only had to pay $0.92.

The dreaded PUB van

PUB very kiasu....everything cannot. Even bring dog cannot. Hmmm, I thot parks are for that kind of purpose?

Of interest also was that there was a PUB van parked right outside. So, don't even think of hanky panky. I had to behave myself.

I had along my mini pack but as the hot was blazing hot, I decided to take a walk on the newly built boardwalk to have a look see at the water. For some reasons, the water these couple of days was rather bad, and it was the same murkiness in the water, just like in LSR this morning.

Just before the path leads away from the water

The trail I was on

2 giant lizards leap into the water for a swim

One of them. They were huge

I didn't see many fishes splashing around and I decided to turn back once I reached the part where the boardwalk ended. On the return route though, I saw 2 large lizards splashing into the water and swimming around in our PUB water. The lizards were huge...easily about 1.5m long! At some point, one of it seem to swim towards me...haha, I had to make sure to have some safety distance in case he thinks that I look yummy. At the usual cove near the kayak area, the tinfoil barbs were still there. But not in that kind of numbers that I saw previously.

Woah, a full setup for a carp fisherman

Just as I was reaching back at the kayaking place, an interesting site greeted me. There was a English man fishing and his setup was an interesting one. I remembered see some pictures in Rod & Line and it was a setup for carp fishing. The amount of gear he had on was staggering and he was on a 9ft pole rod with auto alarm and the kind of tripods that they use. But later on, everything goes into his harvest sack and some carry ons.

As I mentioned to him, mr ranger would be around to ask him to move.

I stood around for a while and then decided to go talk to him. After some initial small talk, I found him a very interesting and nice guy and we got along pretty well. He was doing baiting as it was traditionally the way to catch carps. His rig was very interesting and not something that I know how to do. I told him that actually, he wasn't allowed to fish at that corner. I warned him that the Rangers are pretty active here and he would be approached by one of them soon. Someone else was beside him and doing some luring. True to my words, within 15 mins, Mr Ranger appeared. But he was nice and only told Steve (his name) to move. The other lurer was given the same treatment.

Steve then moved to the legal area. But to get to the water, he had to go down on the slope. But being on the slope, fishing was pretty difficult for him. Earlier on I was telling him that LPR might be a better location for him. Just then, he asked me for the direction to LPR so that he could try there. As I didn't have much to do, I said why don't I give him a lift there. He didn't drive, so he was grateful for my help.

Reaching there, after he setup, we bade our goodbyes. But surely, we will be in touch with him. As it turned out, he worked pretty near my place and suggested that we could meet for lunch. I said sure. I promised to take him to do some boat and kelong fishing in the future. Perhaps, I could also convert him into a lurer. :)

LPR Yabby fishing

At LPR today, there were plenty of people trying to catch Yabbies. But when I looked into some of the pails, nope, I didn't see any.

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