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Friday, November 27, 2009

Kusu Island

Welcome to Kusu Island

View of the Jetty

There is nothing much in terms of catches from luring. But we gave it a try today, being a holiday, even though the tide timing isn't particulary good. Reached there about 9.30am or so, and the tide was already going down. But the place is clean and nice, and very suitable for picnics. There are plenty of trees around to give shade.

Rocks on the bay

While we were setting up, an old american man came over and asked what we catching. Well, we could only hope to hit some groupers and if luck would have it, barracudas. He seemed to knwo his fishes, and was probably a fisho. But the scenario of barracudas coming into the bay area was long gone. From the structure, I could see that it has lots of potential for the incoming tide.

KT looking more and more professional

We lured the morning, but there were only some strikes from the surface todaks (rather small). The area is pretty much cover with weeds, so any deep divers would have a hard time. But the place looked like plenty of squids to me.

I was rather right about this. In the afternoon, KT tired from his luring, changed to tamban hooks and try to get some small fellows. Unknowingly, he hooked a tiny anchovie. When the line came up, we saw a group of baby squids coming to attack it. In fact, it was rather relentless. The only went away when the line was near to me and I made a silly sudden movement. Then squirts of black ink, and then they were gone.

Tortoise Island

Newly painted

The day turned very hot and humid, and seeing no action, we decided to return on the 2.15pm ferry.

Overall, although no achievement, but a good recce.

My Ima Gene

My new Fat Rap

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