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Saturday, April 25, 2009

KFC - Rakit Kong Kong

This rakit was discovered last week and I was all curious to go try it. The weekend, seeing that nothing was planned, ZW and I decided to pay it a visit. A last minute call to TC saw that he was interested too. Another call to IZ, and he was on as well. I was hoping that the water here would be better. If you look at the map, this place is further south of the Rakit at Sg Layang and nearer to the open sea at Tekong. Reaching there around 8am, we were rather early and there wasn't much people at the restaurant. We saw an uncle and asked him on we could get over to fish at the rakit. Luckily Jean was with us and the communication problem was solved. Very soon, we boarded a small boat that took us over in less than a minute.

How much the fishing cost

Machiam some rock band

Aircraft carrier style Rakit

This lady...everything also catch!

The Rakit was a longish one and at the centre, was a sheltered area for shade and cover from rain. We were the only ones there at that time although more people came to join us around 12pm. That day, it was quite overcast with a hint of rain. But the rain didn't come and the fishing was again rather pleasant under a shady sky. Water was however of the greenish type with lots of cloudy sendiments. We also spied lots of jelly fishes swimming around. Not very good sign for fishing waters.

My stingray!

Yay, no more naggin about stingray

Stingray letting out the babies in the stomach

However IZ had a surprise catch and got a smallish brown stingray. Jean had been nagging about stingray from him for the longest time and today, the command was fulfilled. We were thinking that the stingray was a baby one and had actually wanted to release it. But the hook was swallowed deep and we couldn't save it. And then right before our eyes, we saw the stingray releasing its baby from itself before it died. I remember reading about this and seeing it happening was quite a touching experience.

This boatman had a long net cutting across the river :(

This girl can catch anything!

No one knew what fish this was

After that, although the fishing wasn't too good, Jean scooped up plenty of interesting little fishes to our amusement.

TC had a run of catches of catfishes at a particular sport. His rod was always the one with the bells ringing and him running to the action. Although catfishes were not rated highly in terms of catches, they do put up a decent fight. He also caught one or two stingray as well as some of the other folks. It looked like stingrays of this specie was quite common here.

Interesting way to harvest clams

This doggie is so scared of people

1 stingray to his record

Hey, there is a Kelong there!

Bye bye Rakit.

The tide came up and then went down without the water improving. We were puzzled how it was that the water would be better at the layang rakit? We were thinking that it might just be this particular timing that the fishing was poor.

The house of the durian plantation

At 1.30pm, we decided to call it a day and packed and left the place. From there, we went to do some recce and even found a kelong nearby. We shall try it out soon. Driving further, we also came across a durian plantation. We were told that the season was in August. Come August, we might give this place a visit.
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