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Sunday, March 15, 2009

KFC - Trip To Sister Island

Once a upon a time, there were two sisters (dunno pretty or not). One day, pirates came and wanted to marry one (the prettier one, I suppose). They all not happy and fell into the sea and died. Then 2 islands sprung up and became Sister Island. This is a brief agak agak history of how Sister island came about from what I read from the internet.

Marina South Ferry Pier

Being quite an unknown island of Singapore, my first thought was that there must have lots of fish. So when we were unsuccessful in getting our bums to Sibu Kelong due to "everyone wants to go Sibu Kelong at the start of school holiday syndrome", I was hoping that this would be a good alternative. Being in Singapore, it would be easier to get to. However, there are no operating ferry to bring people there. From what I gathered, a private boat needed to be chartered.

We brought so many things, that even need trolley

While waiting, let's play badminton

Dog goes a riding on a bumboat

Karen forgot to take passport

This little girl was so quiet, I didn't even hear her speak after telling me her name

Ini mini miney mo, which island shall we go?

Going fishing makes me happy

It was rather challenging to fill up the boat space to spread the cost so that it would be cheap. Information was also not easy to find. However, all things worked out at the last minute and I managed to find 24 fishing siao people, and 2 boats that were surprisingly cheaper than the fare to St island. This time round, even a "cute cute little" dog came to join us.

The bigger island jetty already got people there!

We went to the smaller one instead loh

Wah, water was SO clear

Walking nearer to the toilet

We managed to meet up by 9am like clockwork, and were soon loading up to the bumboat to get to Sister Island. Actually it wasnt very far from Singapore, and we reached it in no time. But boatman said that the bigger sister island was quite filled with people and we decided to go to the smaller island island. At first glance I was immediately excited about the potential of the fishing here. Water was as clear as a screen protector, we could even see the little fishes swimming around. Tambans were sighted and that meant that the fishing couldn't be that bad and I had wasted my money getting live prawns.

Beautiful beach here. We were the only ones

Let's setup command post here

Rare sight of nice water

Breakwater from one of the two lagoons

Stand here fish also shiok

Nice fine sand

Shall we look for treasure?

We moved deeper into the island and parked ourselves near to the toilet. However, that was quite bad for the fishing as we fished mostly at the Jetty. So, I was quite away from the non fishing group and didn't get much pictures of the "dunno what activity" they were doing. But we had the whole island to ourselves and it felt like we own the island. The only trouble wa an old monkey that wasn't happy that "cute cute doggie" was here.

Alan's family discover fishing!

We quickly setup and moved to the Jetty to fish. Alan, after some fishing tips from me, managed his first Tamban with his family. They were all shouting "big fish big fish". Luckily no people on the island otherwise they sure to laugh until drop into the sea. Current got very strong around the mid day and our lines were all drifting out fast and couldn't hit the bottom. Bottom fishing wasn't good as our sinkers kept getting snagged on the rocks.

Nice beach. No need to go phuket already. Even doggie also having good time

ZW, the todak master

The todak loving gang quickly sent out their offerings to the todak gods here. IZ was especially stressed to get a todak as he was todakless for a very long time already. But todak fishing here wasn't that great and there were only a few hits. IZ lost 2, especially one that J was fighting for a while and lost it when the rod was passed to him. Tomorrow, his ears sue become swollen.The "todak king" aka ZW nevertheless was able to get 2 todaks despite the "advanced" level todak fishing.

Little children fishing

Our cooks conjuring up good food



Patrick & fam fishing under the coconut tree. Ros with a Sergent fish

A tuskfish (kind of a parrot)

Other than Tambans, we managed to get some small fishes with small hooks and prawn meat. I was using too big a hook and didn't fare very well. They will mostly snatch my bait away and left me with an empty hook. Small specimens from the bottom were quite commonly Parrot fishes.

Strange looking "holy" tree

Group 1 leaving the island

Group 2 got stranded by doggie who doesn't want to go home

Next time, we take this boat (it's raining in Singapore)

Time passed very fast and very soon, it was time to leave. We definitely didnt' get enough of the fishing, but had to leave due to our cars coupon expiring. In fact, Marcus was to get a little fine for exceeding his coupons by 10 mins. There was a small incident when our "cute cute dog" refused to board the ferry. When TC wanted to carry him, he turned around and chomped off a little part of TC for him to remember this Sister island trip. He wanted to run away to stay with the pretty monkey. But after we reminded him of his favourite dog food, he decided to get on the ferry to return home.

All in all, it was a nice day for just relaxation and camping. Weather man bluffed us said rain...but the weather there was bright and sunny. However in terms of fishing, I was greatly disappointed. The water looked so good but was devoid of big fishes. Another example of how bad fishing in Singapre had gotten in recent times.*sigh*

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k said...

Hi, I came here while looking for info on Sisters Island. Can you enlighten me on how to get there? We just have to go to Marina bay pier to wait for people to fill up a bumboat? Much like for Pulau Ubin? Can we do that at Jardine Steps or Clifford pier instead?

We might be going with small children. Is the island suitable? Thank you very much.