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Saturday, July 26, 2008

SAF Yacht Club Sea Wall

It has been a while visiting this place. Seeing that tide table said it would be a nice evening hightide, I decided to try out here again. During the day, it would be hot like the sahara desert, but in the evening, it is a nice breezy spot with good view and open sea.

Shawn came along all the way from Lab Park where he was fishing. We reached the place rather late at 5pm thereabout. The fishing period here is rather limited as once the sun goes down, it would be pitch dark like anything.

Old man and the sea

It wasn't too crowded, and there was ample space for everyone fishing here. Despite that the entrance said that this area to be restricted with the cartoon of the soldier shooting at the trespassers, it never was any problem for the fishing folks here.

Shawn finally broke the egg

I started luring but ended not being able to get into the swing of things. My lines kept making "char bee hoon" (fishing slang for entangled lines) due to the strong inward wind. Therefore, my casts were like quite short and limited distance. Shawn went on to do bottom fishing. However it was quite rocky area here and bottom fishing was difficult. He finally managed to get a small snapper on Sabiki with prawn meat.

Looks like good ground for these critters

There were some uncles there fishing for small fishes like scats and rabbits, I think. They all seemed to congregate around the stone.

Path to Secret Garden

The uncles left and one of them returned to ask for help to push the van that was stucked at the forested area. We finally did manage to get the van unstuck and from this, I realized that there was another way in for the fishing here.

Mr lure, where the fish?

Very nice dinner for some people tonight

We didn't get anything respectable at the end of the fishing. But on the way out, we passed by this 2 malay man who was holding a line with 2 chermins. Wow. From my converstaion with them, it was gotten 15 minutes back and on live prawns. Seeing such a catch, my faith in this area was restored.

I shall be back.

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