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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

My Duel Livebait - good casting distance

Friendly man in white lost the fish

Getting Hot!!

I had wanted to try out this place for the longest time. But given the rough terrain and shelterless place, I didn't come here until today. The morning weather was nice and cooling, due to rain at some parts of Singapore. TC and I met at TMFT for a nice Killiney breakfast, and then after proceed to try out the water.

The sea here looked the clean, bluish water type. Tide was incoming and should be at around 11-12pm. There were some people there, but nothing crowded. We setup and I did some luring to see if it was productive.

However, I didn't see any fishes at all. But the neighbour angler got a good rod bending bite. But his reaction was too slow, and I supposed the fish had gone into the rocks. He managed to set the hook and was fighting the fish for a while when it got stuck. Most likely a grouper as he was using prawn meat.

I did have a good time doing a few hundred cast with my livebait and a blue crystal minnow, despite the non-catch.

Around 11am, the sun came out and it was sizzling hot. We decided we had enough and packed and left the place. Personally, I think this was a promising spot. Would give it another go some other time.

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