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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recce in the South and Six Pipes

Tide this weekend was quite good at around 4pm. But ended up on Sat, I went Fan hunting instead. Came sunday, thought not to miss out this opportunity and wanted to try out six pipes. D wanted to blade, so a park with fishing spot was needed.

But along the way, I passed by Marina South. I had read about the new Ferry Terminal there and I made a detour to go check it out. Turned out that it looked like a promising spot. Only problem was that the parking lots around there were paid ones. Like this, fishing would be expensive. But water really looked good and I should be trying out some time in the near future. Already there were rows of people fishing. I came out of the car, took a few quick snap shots and moved on.

We reached Six pipes around 2+pm. The sun then was hot like chilli padi. Problem with six pipes was that there was no shade whatsoever. I ended fishing with an umbrella over my shoulder. But my feet were not spared the hot burning sun, and I was left with deep slipper tan marks after the session.

After the elation of last week's catch, I was hoping to continue with my lucky streak. But it was to be otherwise. What went up, must come down. That day, I was fishing like a total newbie. Few times, thot I caught something but pulled up nothing. The nearby fishos were giving me dirty look. Lines were getting snagged too. But lots of small fishes there. I had setup 2 rods, my Lemax and my Ryobi. It was easy to catch small fishes, and I got a few tiny ones quite fast. That lifted my spirit a little, but then I started having lines snagging and all sorts of problems. Malay guy next to me was lucky and got a 500g pomfret on prawn meat. This is the second time I have seen people getting pomfret here. Seemed like a good spot for it.

Fishing gear were parked quite a distance away under the shade and the whole logistics of getting bait and changing lines made it very clumsy fishing indeed. Live prawns accidentally got the air cut off and died en masse. Someone came along later and squeezed me into a narrow zone for straight casting. Around 5pm, I had enough and called it a day. By then, total count was 1 small unidentified fish, 2 wrasse, 1 cardinal, 1 catfish, 1 silver biddy. I would have released some fishes but because I didn't have the camera, I kept it to take some photos. But photos ended blurred and poorly taken.

Would be back for more serious pomfret attempts in the future.

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